Limited lifetime installation warranty

Impact Ready Lifetime Installation Warranty

Impact Ready offers a Lifetime Installation Warranty that gives you peace of mind. Finding the lowest price for window and door replacements should not be the only consideration when selecting a contractor. The quality of installation must be equally as important or even more important than the price during your selection process. Let’s compare the Impact-Ready, Inc quality installation quality to that of our competitors.

When many of our competitors install a new window, they have a 5-Step Process.

  1. Remove the existing window.
  2. Insert the new window in the opening.
  3. Fasten the window frame to the opening perimeter.
  4. Apply a bead of caulk around the inside and outside – providing just two barriers against leakage.
  5. Ride off down the road.

Impact-Ready, Inc provides you with a 12-Step Superior Installation Process AND a Lifetime Installation Warranty. Your home is protected because we ensure the following steps are taken:

  1. Remove the existing glass.
  2. Cut the existing framing, implode it, then remove it.
  3. Remove existing 1” x 2” bevel cut buck trim.
  4. Clean All Surfaces.
  5. Haul all debris from site.
  6. Waterproof the opening.
  7. Install new pressure treated 1” x 3” buck trim back with 3 caulk beads. (These are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd water proofing barriers.)
  8. Install the new window using specified fasteners as per code approved tested specifications for the product.
  9. Apply final fillet bead all around outside perimeter of window. (4th water proofing barrier)
  10. Apply final fillet bead all around inside perimeter of window. (5th water proofing barrier)
  11. Install composite cove trim all around inside perimeter of window. (6th water proofing barrier)
  12. Perform final quality control check and approval by installation team leader.

In this process we replace existing buck trim and install decorative interior composite cove trim to provide the maximum protection against any water intrusion. This provides 6 barrier against leakage!

You will only replace your windows once in your lifetime. Why settle for less? Choose Impact Ready because we offer a lifetime installation warranty. Contact us today!

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